Thursday, May 28, 2015

60th Anniversary Trip, Pt. 12

It's time for New Orleans Square at Night! The Magnolia Park area is one of the most beautiful quiet spots in the park; a lovely place to sit, relax, and watch the peeps going by.

A few interior shots of Cafe Orleans after the doors have closed.

Let's get a closer look at that copper coffee urn, shall we?

Quite a history!

I am a nut for signage, but even more so at night when it is all lit up!

An interior shot of the Blue Bayou Restaurant lobby:

Time to shift over to Adventureland for more nighttime magic.

Hopefully you've all experienced the joy of Shrunken Ned in the Adventureland Bazaar:

This underused area was once the vibrant Tahitian Terrace:

I spent some time in the Tiki Room courtyard getting these gems of the animated Tiki statues, starting with Koro:


Pele mad:

and Maui:

Tomorrow, we'll spend some time in Fantasyland!

More Disneyland night (and day) photos at my main website.


K. Martinez said...

Café Orleans is the one single restaurant I have yet to dine at in Disneyland Park. Some day.

The Tiki Gardens is one of the most enchanting places in Disneyland day or night. It's nice that it has remained mostly unchanged.

Does the preview picture of Fantasyland mean you spent some time in Fantasy Faire to take photos?

Daveland said...

Ken - Patience...patience!

Anonymous said...

Shrunken Ned is pretty funny, but the use of the Union Jack as a crumpled prop bothers me. I know the British have different feelings toward their flag than we crazy colonials, since they have a living Monarch too. But still, there was a time when men risked and suffered death to protect that flag, "touched by the King's own hand", rather than see it damaged.

But, if this were the US colors, there would be war in camp. I would be right up at City Hall to complain.

Also, recalling the excellent flag etiquette generally observed at Disneyland in the past, this display probably would never have happened when Walt was alive.

Maybe there's some other way to convey the Britishness of the little guy without disfiguring our ally's flag.

Great pics of the Tiki's! Red Pele is the best.