Friday, May 15, 2015

60th Anniversary Trip, Pt. 3: BTMRR

Before we board our runaway mine train, let's take a look at the 60th Anniversary Mark Twain. It sure looks putty with the celebratory bunting on it. Hard to believe it has been faithfully taking guests around the Rivers of America for so long!

And now back to today's topic: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Walking through the queue, I snapped a few shots of Rainbow Ridge.

I had never noticed this light fixture within the Saloon:

It may not be as dramatic as the original scene to which it tips its hat to, but the Rainbow Caverns at the beginning of the BTMRR journey is still beautiful.

I did my best to shield my camera from the mist:

This time, I skipped photographing the snakes and focused on the turtles:

I turned to get a look back behind me:

Finally, a decent shot of the billy goat with dynamite:

A few shots of the mine train zipping towards the explosive finale:

Two shots of Rainbow Ridge again as the train circles around to the exit:

NEXT UP: The Jungle Cruise!

On a follow-up to yesterday's post, devoted Daveland reader Fifthrider commented on the changes to the Pirates of the Caribbean exit. Here's a Then vs. Now comparison. Then:

and Now:

Which do you prefer?

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy Big Thunder in spite of myself, but can't help a twinge of memory spent missing Nature's Wonderland.

I think it would be fun to have a slow ride entwined with the coaster, using the same desert scenery, sort of the way the People Mover entwines with the Autopia, that way we could have the Mine Train back again.

As part of my thinking about and remembering the Mine Train in the past few years, as a result of your blog and others, I have realized that the last time I rode it was also the last time I went with Mom and Dad to Disneyland. That feels right, somehow.

Thank you, Dave for the wonderful pictures.


K. Martinez said...

The Mark Twain looks surprisingly good with the bunting. Better than the Castle. At least the way it's photographed. JMO.