Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mickey's Halloween Party: The Cadaver Dans

Once finished with the Dark Rides (long lines prevented us from going on Mr. Toad and Peter Pan), we took the path that cuts through to Frontierland. The lighting here is incredible and makes this somewhat ordinary tree-lined path EXTRAORDINARY.

A few different colored-lights make this area pure visual magic.

A skull and crossbones is projected onto Big Thunder Mountain.

The Horseshoe is not immune to the Halloween theming.

Although hard to capture with a photo, the Rivers of America benefits the most from the Halloween atmosphere. Between the fog pumped over the water and the special lighting, it's easy to get into the mood of the season.

The Columbia has an eerie green glow. Halloween theming or the result of too many sugary snacks?

Finally, the moment I'd looked forward to the most had begun: the arrival of the Cadaver Dans!

Floating on a raft, surrounded by fog, the quartet (with a sinister-looking driver) drew a crowd with their four-part harmonies.

I could have listened to them all night.

NEXT UP: Haunted Mansion Holiday!

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K. Martinez said...

From the spirits of Big Thunder Mountain to a ghost ship Columbia, Frontierland is a natural for Halloween.

I really like the multi-colored tree forest. It sort of reminds me of the old Italian horror films of Mario Bava. Thanks, Dave.

Irene said...

The Cadaver Dans were one of the things I also looked forward to the most - and they did not disappoint! I also found them on stage up at Big Thunder during the pre party thing they had set up there. Not too many people knew they did this so I came in in my black widow outfit and sat right down smack dab in the middle of the front row which I could tell they got a kick out of.

Daveland said...

Irene - I wish I had known they'd be at the pre party - can't get enough of them!

JG said...

Cadaver Dan's, that's just awesome.

In my college dorm, one of my fellow students, also named Dave, was a pale, pasty guy with deep-sunken eyes and thin blonde hair, his nickname? inevitably, "Cadaver Dave".

He was actually pretty cool about it, I think he liked the notoriety.

Thanks for this, Dave. I had no idea that Halloween was become such a big deal at the Park.