Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Back to the Blue Bayou

Not having been to the park for quite some time, I had a real hankering for a Blue Bayou lunch. When it comes to atmosphere, this place is hard to beat. I noticed that the partitions in the waiting area had been removed.

The interior is just the same; cozy, intimate, and peaceful.

This time, my hand was steady enough to capture a panoramic view of the entire restaurant:

Love the little gazebo detail on the far left:

We were fortunate enough to get a water-side table, giving us views of the bayou:

and the guests who float gently by in their Pirates of the Caribbean boats:

I'd love to get lanterns like these; have always thought they were so cool:

My pork chop was tasty; very juicy and flavorful…and looked much better than this pitiful photo shows!

Last one for today is another table side shot, showing the gent in the rocking chair. I can hear the banjo strumming now...

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MRaymond said...

One of my favorite rides since I rode it in 1970 (I was 9). Wonderful photos as always. I've only eaten at the Blue Bayou once and it was excellent. Sitting by the water would have made it that much better. Thank you for sharing the photos, they brought back some great memories.

K. Martinez said...

Incredible interior shots as always. The last image captures the mood of the Blue Bayou perfectly. You do fantastic work, Dave.

Fifthrider said...

Great shots. I never could understand why they didn't incorporate more instances of the attraction and restaurant crossing paths. At most the People Mover once went through the gift shop.

JG said...

Very nice, especially the panorama.

I noticed a number of minor changes to the bayou which must have been part of the last renovation. These seemed to me to "lighten" the mood of the bayou and make it seem less isolated, strange or scary. Not sure if that was intentional or just my projection.

I do love this restaurant, although I rarely eat there.

Thank you Dave.