Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Disneyland Town Square, Summer 1956

Welcome to Disneyland's Town Square, circa 1956. Need some dinero? How about stopping by the Bank of America Town Square branch?

This detailed view shows that Town Square Realty is still around (selling swamp parcels in Orlando to unsuspecting guests, perhaps?). At the information/souvenir kiosk, you can buy a paper parasol, a guidebook, or one of those cool plastic white hard hats. The two gents in the booth seem to be enjoying the shade while the older gent is sucking on his cig for all its worth.

Pulling back a bit we get a better view of the east side of the square.

Maxwell House is still in operation, although on this very day in 1957 it would close down (that does call for an un-happy anniversary?) and International Street is being heralded by a construction wall behind which absolutely nothing is being constructed.

Last detail: how about these fancy trash cans? Nothing but state-of-the-art here!

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K. Martinez said...

Nice overview of the east side of Town Square. Ironically, those trashcans were probably more thematically correct than the beautified cans used by the guests.