Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Alice is Wonder-full, Pt. 2

Welcome to Tulgey Wood, part of the psychedelic world of Alice in Wonderland. Today's post shows more images from the recently revamped Dark Ride at Disneyland.

The video seamlessly fits in with the figures and 3D sculptures.

I wonder if this is an e-cigarette?

Finally…a decent Alice figure. Sure beats the heck out of its predecessor.

The infamous Cheshire Cat:

This way to the Royal Rose Garden:

Painting the roses red:

Royal or not, this might be one croquet game to avoid.

Ever notice the little king on the right?

Enjoy the Queen's smile…it won't last long.

I'll end things on a happy note for today; tomorrow, the wrath of the Queen of Hearts will be shown!

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1 comment:

K. Martinez said...

That's definitely an improvement on the Alice figure. Glad to see the 3D sculpture and figures are still in the attraction with the video integration. Once they update all the dark rides, I'll definitely have to make a trip down there.