Sunday, October 05, 2014

Family Session in La Jolla

As I start to get more photography gigs, I continue to experience new situations. This was my first "official" family portrait session, and also my first one dealing with an infant. On the day we shot at La Jolla Cove, it was little Amelia's first birthday. As you can see, there was a watermelon theme going on here. I wasn't crazy about the burlap fabric that her mom had brought, so I moved things out to the grassy area. MUCH better!

The Mercedes Benz toy car was a fantastic prop, and Amelia was posing like a pro. Despite the horrid heat that afternoon, she didn't get fussy once.

Even managed a shot of the entire family! Although Amelia was great, I learned that it would have benefited me to have a squeaky toy of some kind to get her attention. At times, she was focused on other things and not looking at the camera, which caused mom and dad to get involved, which meant that THEY weren't looking at the camera. It was a lot to juggle, but all part of being a photographer.

Amelia's mom also brought out letters so that we could create a triptych spelling out her age.

By the time we got around to these family shots, Amelia was doing better than the rest of us adults. IT WAS HOT!

Overall, everyone was really pleased with the results (which makes me happy, too).

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