Friday, June 06, 2014

The Movieland Wax Museum: Bring on the Ladies!

The Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park is no more, but thanks to these vintage 1972 images, it lives on again. Today's post focuses on some of the legendary screen beauties immortalized in wax, beginning with 1930's platinum blonde, Jean Harlow. The likeness is very good. Interesting to note that in this 1960's shot, Jean had a corsage. I guess it disappeared due to cutbacks!

Another shot of the Harlow statue, circa 1972. Compared to the 1960's shot, her clothes are draped much more suggestively. A sign of the times!

The Marilyn statue is not a great likeness, as she looks more like Joanne Woodward than Marilyn Monroe.

The Brigitte Bardot statue is so-so, but with that much "skin" showing, who is going to look at the face?

The Sophia Loren diorama shows her in her Oscar-winning role of Cesira in "Two Women."

A very mod Nancy Sinatra revs onto the scene atop a motorcycle.

More to come…

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MRaymond said...

When did it close? We went in 1993 and I have some pictures. I always liked the place but it was never busy. Probably why it closed.

Fifthrider said...

Extremely cool. You could do a whole series on this and I wouldn't get bored. Back in Dec 2005 I took the girlfriend and her kids to see Knotts and the Wax museum only to find it had closed 2 months prior. It was a real Clark Griswold "Wallyworld" moment. It's CLOSED?! Everything's empty and GONE?!?! I had such memories of the old 70's commercials with Billy Barty, the "new" exhibits for Halloween and Alien with the terror tunnel you had to run through while alien hands reached out to grab you. My favorite story was of Vincent Price who ( in the 60's ) would occasionally stop in and fill in for his wax figure, personally. Could you imagine someone commenting on how lifelike he looks only to have Price turn and say "I know, quite disturbing, isn't it?"

JG said...

Ha, I remember Nancy Sinatra on the motorcycle.

This was a weird place, and wax museums are a weird concept overall, wherever located.

Bonus points for Vincent Price.


K. Martinez said...

Wax museums always had that creep factor to me. And I'm not just talking the Chamber of Horrors section. It's sort of how I'd imagine Disneyland and Disney World would be after hours with the animatronic figures and music turned off. Deathly still.