Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Snow White Attraction Mural

For Disneyland enthusiasts, Fantasyland and the original four dark rides are (so far) broken into 2 different eras; pre-1983 and post 1983. Some of the rarest and most treasured shots show the original line queue murals, which were created by some of the same artists who worked on the animated classics upon which these attractions were based: Snow White, Mr. Toad, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland. This 1959 image...

makes a nice companion to this previously posted shot, also from 1959. It's almost as if you are back in time and progressing through the ride in your Dwarf Mine Car vehicle.

This also previously posted shot shows the next portion of the mural:

And the last portion of the mural, featuring all of the main characters:

With a little Photoshop magic, the previous image can be seen closer to its original perspective:

The mural visible at the exit of the attraction is lovely, but there's just something about the original being touched by the same peeps responsible for the 1937 classic that make it shine in comparison. Even in black and white.

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K. Martinez said...

I loved the original murals from the Mr. Toad, Peter Pan and Snow White dark rides. They're almost like a storybook page. The B&W Image 4 with the witch is awesome. I'm curious to see what they do with the supposed dark ride interior revamps for the 60th Anniversary. Thanks, Dave.