Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Upper Main Line Y

Growing up near Philadelphia, I lived in an area called the Upper Main Line, which refers to the "Main Line" of the Pennsylvania Railroads, which ran parallel to Route 30, aka Lancaster Avenue. One of the jewels of this area was the Upper Main Line YMCA, which was built around the 1908 Cassatt Mansion.

Out for a walk one day when home last month, I decided to take the back route to the "Y." As a child, I have many happy memories of this wooded area where I attended summer camp, played Capture the Flag, and also participated in Indian Guides.

The beauty of this area still remains; it was wonderful to leisurely stroll through the paths that I had romped through some 40 years ago.

Once through the wooded area, the Cassatt Mansion becomes visible, still impressive in its ornately detailed style. The modern YMCA facilities that have been tacked on around it make me cringe, but I am still grateful that the historic Mansion has been able to survive.

I recall racing through the interior of the Mansion, whose once grand rooms were converted into classrooms.

What a change from the Southern California landscape I have become accustomed to over the last 15 years. Being completely surrounded by these majestic trees gave me a welcome feeling of peace and tranquility.

And then my allergies kicked in. Oops. Forgot about those. I guess every Eden has its drawbacks!

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K. Martinez said...

What beautiful photos of the wooded areas of your childhood. I remember participating in the Indian Guides as a child for a short time. I'd assume it's now considered politically incorrect.