Monday, June 02, 2014

1957 Disneyland Town Square and Alice Tribute

This colorful image from 1957 shows a bustling Disneyland Town Square with plenty of details to gawk at, like this first one showing a gent filming a home movie next to a placard advertising the Horse-Drawn Streetcar.

In this detailed view, you can see the tip of the construction wall for the never-constructed International Street with a few flags atop of it. The Baby Stroller shop is also visible here, with a stroller hanging down over the door just in case you couldn't read the sign.

In other news, the beloved Ann B. Davis, best known as Alice from "The Brady Bunch" has now joined Sam The Butcher (Allan Melvin) in eternity. I'll bet they're bowling together.

Zooming in, you see her looking lovingly at Jan (Eve Plumb), who also suffered the fate of being the middle child.

Here's the Brady gang at King's Island. Note the famous architectural plans that got lost (temporarily of course), causing all kinds of drama.

A shot of me from years past, posing in front of the home whose fa├žade was used for the exterior shots of the TV show.

And in case you wondered, the "B" stands for Bradford. Who knew?

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K. Martinez said...

The first image really showcases the Main Street Vehicles. I see four different types. It looks like it's only the Chemical Wagon that's missing. I didn't know that they used sandwich boards for the Main Street Vehicle stops before the signposts that are in use today. It's always great to discover some new detail about Disneyland. Beautiful color on that first image too.

I wonder if that first image of the Brady Bunch is from one of the Grand Canyon episodes. I love watching The Brady Bunch episode "The Cincinnati Kid" for the vintage Kings Island footage.

RIP Ann. I guess that just leaves Florence Henderson left for the adult characters on the show. I love watching talk shows that feature the cast of this show. They sound like a great group. Thanks, Dave.

Mike, Studio City said...

We live about five blocks from the Brady house. The school the Brady kids attended is three blocks west of us. The front of the school is seen many times when the kids are in scenes at school. It can be found on 'images' search of Walter Reed middle school, Studio City.