Saturday, June 14, 2014

In my own backyard

Growing up in the burbs of Philly, my neighborhood was surrounded by trees as opposed to the somewhat barren and rocky landscapes one encounters in Southern California. Whenever I go back east, it's a gentle reminder of the differences between the two coasts. Just down the street from the house I grew up in is Sharp's Woods Preserve, a 27-acre "island of nature" surrounded by a suburban development in Easttown Township.

Typically, I visit Philly in November when fall has already had its effect on the trees and lawns of the burbs. Changing things up this time, I was rewarded with a lush green landscape and perfect temperatures. The headwaters of the Darby Creek run through the woods, and the surrounding banks were a bit marshy. I was able to see deer tracks (missed photographing the deer by a few seconds!) and (sadly) bicycle tire tracks.

Spring blooms were still out in abundance, just slightly past their peak.

It was wonderful to experience this preserve again and know that there are still at least a few places left where nature (and animals) can thrive in an environment that is undeveloped.

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