Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tick Tock Tea Room and The Rocketeer

Previously I have shown a linen postcard of The Tick Tock Tea Room on 1716 N. Cahuenga in Hollywood, which closed back in 1988. Today I am able to display a vintage color image of the exterior from December 1950. I love being able to upgrade! Maybe one day I'll be able to find a nighttime image of this Gruen Clock with the neon lit. A guy can dream.

You can read more about the Tick Tock at this blog.

Today marks the 23rd Anniversary of the Disney Cult Classic, "The Rocketeer," which is a personal favorite of mine.

Seems like only yesterday I was watching this movie for the very first time from the balcony of the El Capitan in Hollywood for its 20th Anniversary.

In attendance were director Joe Johnston, the ageless Billy Campbell, and makeup wizard Rick Baker:

Afterwards, attendees walked over to the Hollywood Museum (formerly the Max Factor Building) where they could see original costumes and props from the film.

The instantly recognizable Rocketeer jacket and helmet that Billy Campbell wore:

And Campbell himself:

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K. Martinez said...

Loved "The Rocketeer". It would've been cool if they put the Bulldog Café somewhere in DCA.

CoxPilot said...

The Tic-Tock was a favorite place for us. My wife's Great Grandmother would treat the whole family (10 to15) every Sunday to dinner there. It is greatly missed.

CoxPilot said...

Does anyone remember Commander Cody & the Zombies of the Stratosphere serials of the '50s? It must have inspired the "Rocketeer".

Fifthrider said...

A friend of mine worked on the restoration of that Rocketeer gear. The jetpack you saw in the museum was actually the stunt pack used in the scene where Campbell rolls down the hill at the observatory. ( Same guy that works for Pixar and owns the other Ecto. ) so glad you finally got to see it but wow, 20th anniversary? No need to rush into things, eh? ;-)