Friday, May 31, 2013

Nature's Wonderland, May 1960

A few May 1960 shots of the Nature's Wonderland attraction, which was replaced by the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster. First up is the engine for your Mine Train attraction trip through the wonders of Bear Country, Beaver Valley, the Living Desert, and Rainbow Caverns. When these shots were taken, the improved/upgraded attraction had just reopened.

Here are a few of Rainbow Ridge, which is currently in the process of being completely rebuilt.

Zooming in for the General Store:

and for the wash, hanging out on the line to dry:

Riding through the Living Desert:

The Devil's Paint Pots in the foreground:

Zooming in, it appears that a cast member is doing a bit of maintenance work:

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K. Martinez said...

Love the first Living Desert image with the Matterhorn partially hidden behind the trees.

Also in that same image, is that mound of fresh dirt in the lower right corner an unfinished project?

keeline said...

In May 1960 the Nature's Wonderland version would be not quite open so seeing some last-minute work from the SF&D Railroad is rather appropriate. It would also explain the pile of dirt. (Sorry to comment on an old post but one of the images was used on Facebook from a nearby post).

Daveland said...

Keeline - wasn't the reopen date 5/28/1960?