Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Favorite "Secret" Spot in Frontierland

Unlike Orlando, Anaheim's park suffers from limited real estate. On the plus side, I believe this is why Disneyland is so well-designed, because Imagineers have had to carefully consider each decision. The intimate nature of Disneyland is one of the things that makes it so special. When it comes to intimate spots, the area shown in this May 1960 is one of my favorite spots in the park. No attractions, no food carts...just a peaceful relaxing area shaded by the trees that surround it.

Mercifully, it has remained unchanged as you can see from this recent comparison photo. You will rarely see people taking this path, making it easy to feel as if you are the first person to discover this short cut to Central Plaza.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the line to get into Fantasy Faire for one of the shows goes right down this path now.

K. Martinez said...

I do think one of the ironic blessings of the Anaheim property is its size. It sort of ensured a more intimate nature and scale to the property as well as reducing the chance of spreading development blight.

Anonymous said...

Finding your own special tranquil place was part of the enjoyment of the park. Sadly, there are so few left. Lacking them, a ride on the MT at least provides a respite from the frantic pace and crush of the crowds of today. KS

Anonymous said...

A good place, I recognized it instantly. I hope it stays so peaceful.

Thank you Dave.


...But It Wasn't Always That Way! said...

But is it your Secret Surfin' Spot?