Sunday, May 12, 2013

Debbie Reynolds for Mother's Day

To celebrate Mother's Day, I recommend watching the lesser-known 1996 gem-of-a-movie "Mother," starring Debbie Reynolds, Albert Brooks, and Rob Morrow. Although the story is about a mother's relationship with her two sons, daughters (and daughters-in-law) will also be able to relate (and sigh) over the insightful statements about the sometimes dysfunctional and smothering qualities that a mother can exhibit towards her "boys."

John Henderson (Albert Brooks) is a mildly successful science fiction writer who has just divorced his second wife.

After a disastrous first date with a bimbo (expertly played by Lisa Kudrow), Henderson wonders where he has gone wrong on all of his relationships with women. Deciding to go back to the source of it all, he moves back into his mother's (Debbie Reynolds) house to perform an experiment, hoping to unravel the mystery of why he is attracted to unsupportive females.

Going so far as to recreate his old room just the way it was when he was growing up, both his mother and supposedly well-adjusted brother find the whole thing baffling.

The best scenes are between Reynolds and Brooks, as their characters muddle through what has always been (at best) a somewhat strained relationship. Brooks' script nails the whole situation and gives Debbie Reynolds the role of a lifetime (originally offered to Doris Day and former First Lady Nancy Reagan). Witty, charming, somewhat sad and wistful, it is a great celebration of mothers and all that they do (and sacrifice) to raise a child.

Two thumbs up on this one!

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