Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vintage Frontierland Signage

A few lesser-known signs of Frontierland are featured today, starting off with a January 1958 shot of the Birch-Bark Lodge signage. On a separate note...the security cop in Frontierland is a bit jarring.

This Birch-Bark Lodge was one of the many authentic "exhibits" that guests at Disneyland could learn about in the Indian Village.

Here's another view of the 1956 Storybook-style map that heralded the upcoming Tom Sawyer Island:

If only the photographer had a steadier hand...

I can't even begin to read what is on this El Zocalo signage; anyone out there who can squint hard enough to decipher it?

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Anonymous said...

Dave - here is a url for a blog that says what the El Zocalo sign says. Mike Goldberg Nashville

Major Pepperidge said...

Oh man, I love that Tom Sawyer Island map!

The El Zocalo sign says: "In the early days of the Aztecs the focal point of all activity was the marketplace or El Zocalo. All roads led to El Zocalo and people for miles around brought baskets, pottery, glass and other wares to sell. During the development of the great southwest before the Gadsden Purchase, and down through the years the custom of El Zocalo has been preserved - - - and here in El Zocalo of Frontierland you will find the quaint and colorful products of Mexico."

K. Martinez said...

You guys are lightning-quick solving that sign mystery. Excellent!

I love the Storybook-style Tom Sawyer Island map sign. Of course I love all the Storybook-style map signs. Nice update today.

Mark said...

I LOVED the old Frontierand!

Daveland said...

I should have known that the Major would have a good image of that sign - thanks!