Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Sexy Space Travelers

The sexy space couple survived the transition to "New" Tomorrowland, but disappeared shortly thereafter. Here's a front view from 1967:

...and a back view of the same couple.

"Baby got back" would be a good caption for this shot, as the young boy with a band-aid on his elbow questions the apparatus on this Space Girl's (id'ed by a reader as 1966 Disneyland Ambassador Connie Swanson) back:

See more vintage Disneyland Spaceman/Spacegirl photos on my Spaceman/girl web page.


Major Pepperidge said...

That first one is pretty fun, with the two cute little girls checking out the space couple! Wouldn't you love to hear their conversation? Also, it looks like the trapezoid behind the space man has writing on it. Wonder what it said.

Anonymous said...

Had no idea that this couple survived into 1967! Very interesting. KS

Darryl said...

Fun pix, Dave. It's like an "I Spy" book. I spy that the Columbia is in port, a man with a stogie is filming the space couple, a man in a military uniform walks proudly into Tomorrowland and an older couple looks for the next attraction on a large format park map.

- Darryl

JG said...

These must have just predated my pic of me with the Spaceman, which must have been taken in early 1968 in almost exactly the same place.

Very cool to see these, Dave. thank you so much.


mouseclubhouse said...

Enjoyed this post. You might be interested to know that lady in that last picture is my friend, Connie Swanson Lane, who was the 1966 Disneyland Ambassador.

Daveland said...

Major - I tried zooming in to the sign, but it only looks like a lot of gibberish; it appears that it might be Walt's signature at the bottom. Just not sharp enough to tell!

Darryl - thanks for the "I Spy" reminder - had forgotten about that!

Mouseclubhouse - thanks for the Connie Swanson ID; I always think of "small world" when I hear her name!

Unknown said...

The first spacegirl is Sue Eisenberger. I took swimming lessons from her back in the 60's. She was the nicest girl you would ever want to meet