Saturday, May 04, 2013

Vintage Tour Through WDW's Haunted Mansion

The quality may not be spectacular, but these 1970's images from Orlando's Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square may still appeal to some, as vintage interior dark ride shots are rare. Shall we board our Doombuggy Time Machine?

As you can see by this photo from my most recent trip to WDW, the landscaping has seen a bit of growth in the last forty years!

Our vintage photographer obviously did not heed the "no flash" warning by the ghost host, as most of these shots suffer from high contrast. Still, this is one of my favorite scenes, as the glimpse of the hands emerging from the coffin give an "eerie sense of foreboding."

Madame Leota loses her face with flash photography; the projection effect gets obliterated.

That #$%^ railing got in the way of the two ballroom shots! Maybe there are some Haunted Mansion railing nuts out there?!?

The best shot of the bunch is this one from the attic, showing a corner glimpse of the original bride:

The flash not only blocked the hitchhiking ghost effect, but kept our photographer's identity anonymous.

It was probably to prevent the ghost host from punishing him for using a flash.

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K. Martinez said...

That's a nice vintage view of the Haunted Mansion overlooking the river. I actually prefer the open view with less foliage.

The obliteration of Leota's face doesn't bother me. You can see the guests in their doombuggys and that's cool.

Oh yes. I'm a Haunted Mansion railing nut from way back. Can't ever get enough.

I used to go to WDW in the 70s and 80s and haven't been back since. There's probably a return visit in there somewhere.

Hugs said...

My whole life...from childhood through adulthood I've been going to Disneyland but I've never ever been to Disney"WORLD". I've always wondered if there were any differences in the rides of the same name or if they were exact duplicates. Thanks for sharing these pics.