Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Welcome to Disneyland, July 1967

Originally, I was just going to feature this recently acquired entrance photo, but then thought I'd check to see what else I had from July 1967. Consider this a "best of" July 1967 post.

I love that the boy in the middle features my alma mater on his t-shirt! He obviously has great taste.

Whoever the photographer was on the next two shots, they obviously had great respect for the Kodak picture spot, as you can see the inspirational sign to the left on both shots.

Town Square looks so empty; what a great day this would have been to visit.

A beautifully uncluttered and welcoming entrance to Tomorrowland.

Zooming in to see The PeopleMover and the Astrojets back when they had some impressive height; what a view they used to provide!

This adorable little tot in the mouse ears is sure enjoying his day at Disneyland.

I believe these two young lasses are enjoying the company of Gideon from "Pinocchio."

The Swiss Family Robinson is one of the last places left that guests can get an almost-birds-eye view of the park.

Just another day on the Rivers of America, when New Orleans Square was but a year old.

Zooming in you can see a yet-to-be-opened Haunted Mansion.

What a great overhead shot of Fort Wilderness.

Zooming in yields this detail of a young boy savoring his popcorn.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't show the signage.

Last one for today is a shot of one of my favorite areas in the park, before it became crammed with cheap merchandise.

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Major Pepperidge said...

I always love photos of people as they are just about to enter the park. Notice the ticket books in hand!

K. Martinez said...

Beautiful pic of Tomorrowland '67 entrance. Themed perfection!

Hannahx2 said...

Great variety in your "best of's" but of course the winner is that Tomorrowland entrance. So inviting!

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Those WERE the days!

Anonymous said...

Yes, there were days when the park wasn't SO crowded and it seemed more like a park than a shopping center...

Dan said...

Always love to see pics of the oval "DISNEYLAND" letters above the main entrance, was lucky enough to see them once, on our first visit in 1987.

They did restore them (partially) along w/ the Santa Fe signage over the RR station for the on-location shooting of "Saving Mr. Banks" – that flick's going to have a lot of small inside details, I bet... a treasure hunt for vintage Disney fans!