Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend in Palm Springs, Pt. 2

This trip to Palm Springs marked my first viewing of the gigantic (26' tall!) "Forever Marilyn" statue by Seward Johnson (also heir to Johnson & Johnson). The statue was inspired by the famous photo by Bernard of Hollywood from the film "The Seven Year Itch" and is located at the corner of Palm Canyon & Tahquitz Canyon Way.

Previously, “Forever Marilyn” had been located on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

Although it is definitely attracting attention, for me, it misses the boat. The facial resemblance doesn't quite capture Marilyn, nor does the size seem appropriate to the subject. There is something odd that the pose chosen was from a scene where Marilyn's skirt blows up and exposes her panties. Naturally, there was a crowd of tourists at the back examining Marilyn's rear-end. One of my friends had viewed the statue in Chicago on a day that it happened to be raining; he said it seemed somewhat gross that the rainwater was dripping off of Marilyn's backside onto the gawkers below.

Apparently, "Forever Marilyn" will not be a permanent fixture in Palm Springs either, as she will move on to another city once the Palm Springs downtown revitalization project is completed.

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