Wednesday, November 14, 2012

February 1959 Reunion

Some sellers will offer complete sets of vintage slide sets; some offer them in dribbles and drabs, breaking up sets and selling each slide individually. There are pros and cons to each method, which could make for an entire post in itself (just not today's post!). Some of today's posted slides from February 1959 have been shown here previously, and the new images for today will finally be reunited with their long-lost companions.

First up is a shot that was (most likely) all about The Monsanto House of the Future, but fortunately also captured some of the Matterhorn construction.

Nine shots later, the photographer captured this view of a pre-Monorail connected Disneyland Hotel.

Skipping ahead two (maybe those will appear in my hands at some future date!), this delightful lady is dressed to the nines for this portrait along the banks of the Rivers of America.

Back to the Disneyland Hotel for a shot of the pool and the rules for the Coral Club:

No need to put your glasses on; let me zoom-in for you:

Another exterior shot of the hotel itself; present day, you'd find yourself standing in Downtown Disney.

Before the Plaza Inn came to be, the Red Wagon Inn satisfied the appetites of hungry guests.

Last one in my collection from February 1959 is this previously posted shot of the Frontier Gun Shop, which has now been absorbed into the Golden Horseshoe.

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K. Martinez said...

Nice set today! I love the Frontier Gun Shop/Oaks Tavern image with the lawn in front.

Also, great Matterhorn construction pic.

Annie said...

wow look at all that grass! so pretty

Anonymous said...

So, these slides were from the same roll, or photographer, anyway... and you purchased them at two different times?

Wow, what a coincidence. Very cool, and some great views to boot.

Thank you Dave, and congrats on a lucky score.