Thursday, November 01, 2012

Disneyland Entrance, 1970's

40 years ago, here's how the entrance to Disneyland looked. Zooming in for a look at the ticket prices, you might spit out your coffee when you see what they used to be!

From the same roll of film comes this vintage view:

matched with a similar contemporary view:

I'd also like to note that today is my mom's 80th birthday; many thanks for always encouraging me and being such a great mom!

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K. Martinez said...

I remember the prices of Disneyland tickets, food and merchandise in the 1970s. I always thought it was reasonable for its time.

Once Eisner came on board that all changed.

Pic#3 is very nice.

Rich T. said...

Pack Mules!!!!

Love 70's prices! Back in 1976, my best friend and I took a road-trip to spend 5 days at DL, Knotts and Hollywood. The total price for the trip including motel, gas, tickets & food came to $200 each. Today it wouldn't be hard to spend that much on cupcakes.

A Very Happy 80th Birthday to your Mom! :)

Snow White Archive said...

Congrats to your mom!

Sean and Kim Smith said...

I love that picture of your mom! Belated birthday wishes to her.