Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Snow White Boulder, 1983

The beloved Snow White dark ride in Fantasyland got a makeover during the massive remodel of the entire land in 1983. This publicity photo was accompanied by this blurb:

ROCK ABOUT TO ROLL—The Wicked Witch appears to have finally won out as she prepares to roll a massive boulder down on the trapped seven dwarfs. The scene from "Snow White's Scary Adventures" ends happily for the dwarfs, however, when the faraway cry of the witch indicates that a bolt of lightning has caused her to fall from the cliff.

Here's how the same scene looks today:

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Major Pepperidge said...

I can almost hear the Witch's scream as the lightning bolt sealed her doom!

Anonymous said...

That scene scared the cr@p out of me when young.


Rich T. said...

I like the digital rain effects they recently added to that scene. Subtle, but cool.

If only the ride didn't end *quite* so abruptly two seconds later...:)