Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Plenty of Parking!

A miraculous site! Imagine a virtually empty parking lot at Disneyland. Hard to find today, but in this August 1967 shot, the original parking lot has plenty of vacant spaces. And how about those scary towers?!?

Let's zoom in to see the iconic entrance sign:

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Rich T. said...

*Sigh*....THE sign! :)

K. Martinez said...

I loved those scary towers! It was all part of the ambience of the parking lot right along with the sign. What an era.

Anonymous said...

Relocation of those towers had to be one of the major obstacles to construction of DCA. Power lines of that size and capacity are not just moved on a whim, it is a serious big deal.

Of course, the other infrastructure changes involved and completed since are non-trivial on their own, still, this feat caught my attention.


Katella Gate said...

Oleander bushes, cyclone fencing, black top and power lines... that's the Disneyland I remember. (Looks just a little tacky today, doesn't it?)