Saturday, November 03, 2012

Avenue of Flags/Court of Honor/Astro Jets

Towards the back of Tomorrowland, The Court of Honor featured 48 state flags showcased within an eight-pointed, star-shaped planter. In 1956, this site was moved to the Tomorrowland entrance and replaced by the Astro-Jets, seen below in a construction photo.

But back to the flags...each of the U.S. Flags was arranged in the order of their admittance to the Union. On each flag pole was the name of the state, the date it was admitted to the union, and its motto.

Here are a few more photos of them in their original location:

And here they are in their 1956—1966 location at the front of Tomorrowland:

Here's a closeup look at the poles themselves:

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Anonymous said...

Great group of photos of the flags. I always assumed that the flags were moved BEFORE the flight circle was constructed, and then the AstroJets were put in. Of course, the sound of the flag pole ropes clanging will always mean "Tomorrowland" to me. It was constant. I still am thrown back in time when ever I pass a flag pole that is making that sound (schools, banks, etc.). That sound, and the smell of hot slurry in the summer, is a permanent stamp on my hard drive. Thanks Dave. I love the way you feature the small things (which really are big), and it's a testament to Walt Disney that he thought the same way.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, "..the banner with the strange device "Excelsior"..."

Very nice, Dave, and good to hear from CoxPilot, too.