Monday, November 05, 2012

1958/1959: B&W Duo

I would guess that these are from 1958/1959.

One thing I know is that these were taken during the summer. The patriotic bunting is always a dead giveaway to that fact.

I especially like this Tom Sawyer Island shot. If you can't figure out why, let me zoom in for you...

I'm a sucker for signage every time!

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Rich T. said...

I love good park signage, too -- and T.S. Island signs are the best! :)

Ambush Rock was that spot with the unfenced straight drop-off to the ground several feet below, right?

K. Martinez said...

So much Disneyland B&W goodness this week. I love the Castle Rock images. Thanks!

Major Pepperidge said...

I love the old Tom Sawyer Island!

Anonymous said...

I miss the old TSI, especially the "dangerous conditions" that have been lawyered out.

@Rich T, I believe you are right, IIRC Ambush Rock was the one with the cave underneath, where you could jump out to scare your friends, it has a big flat area with a drop-off edge. That is now screened off with the rope netting and piled with prop boxes of "pirate booty".

Overall, though, for a youth population who are now unfamiliar with the Mark Twain universe and characters, the present "Pirate" overlay appears to work just fine.

The play events are still strikingly different from the plastic tubing mazes at McDonalds and the enamel pipe "Big Toys" at the school playgrounds, even after re-engineering.

I think these still must add up to a good time for the little ones. I had fun just watching and remembering when i was small enough to fit through those holes.

The modern signs do not "hold a candle" to the old ones, though, with their references to the books and characters outside a Disney universe.

Thank you Dave.