Sunday, April 04, 2010

Solana Beach Train Station

Still haven’t done anything with the paints & canvas in awhile, so my photography will have to tide over my meager posts in the meantime. Recently, I have been using the train more in the interest of sustainability as well as a more relaxing journey. Here are some shots of the Solana Beach Train Station. I love the simple yet very stylish design. I would call this Modern Vintage!

See more Daveland Solana Beach/Encinitas photos at my main website.


Betsy, La Vida said...

Great lines on the train station and surrounding highlights, Dave! I dig the style of it too. Did you make it to the mosaic bridge again at the other end? I've never seen the view before from the other side of the tracks with the ramp going back and forth, perfectly aligned with the building. Very cool!!

dubai rental property said...

After watching your photographs and work I have to say that you are really nice photographer. As I have visited this station on my own but I have never find it that beautiful. great job.