Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sailing Through Sundays on The JC: 1963

Here are 3 shots from a set of 1963 black and white views, featuring a somewhat nerdish protagonist (surely you can pick him out from that description!).

The alligators are snapping near the ancient shrine:

Trader Sam offers his wares:

VIRAL MARKETING DEPARTMENT: Kevin Kidney turned Jed onto this who turned me onto it; The Punchy Players have done 2 Hollywood Parodies that are perfect for a Sunday Morning chuckle...especially if you know a little bit about the two stars they are parodying (Judy Garland and Lucille Ball).

And here’s a link to the Lucille Ball one:

See more vintage (and current) Jungle Cruise photos on my regular website.


Thufer said...

Ahhhh! Some JC love this Sunday morning. Always enjoy those early B&W's of the 'Rivers of Adventure' part of the park.
Sam looks to be in a good mood this morning as well. Always a good thing!

Momma Nic said...

Happy Sunday to Jungle Cruise
I have a question that popped up in our family, and was hit home this morning when I check Kevin Kidney's blog this AM. Regarding the Mailboxes at Disneyland. If Disneyland doesn't have its own Post Office anymore, does that mean that a Mail Carrier from the USPO comes to pick up the to box. What a gig that would be. But I bet its not that romantic. Any thoughts?

TokyoMagic! said...

Didn't know there was also a Lucy/Desi parody....thanks for the link and for making me laugh pretty hard this morning!!!

Daveland said...

I'm guessing that Disney collects the mail and puts it in one location for the regular USPS to pick up. Just a guess though -

Katella Gate said...

Re the mailboxes: We had a similar thing on the Queen Mary. I was told at the time (late 70's) that as long as the box didn't say "US Mail" the Post office permitted certain corporations permission to collect mail in unofficial boxes and turn the contents over to the Post Man in a sack when he arrived. Regulations have probably changed.

Re the Garland Girls Video: I had a lot of fun with this. Certainly more effective than any ads Cream of Wheat is running now.