Friday, August 29, 2008

Disneyland, September 1961

This one day series takes us back to September 1961, before the 60’s got mod and the guests at the park still looked like they belonged in the 50’s. The first three shots are all from the Autopia area; after looking at shot #3, I know why this Dwarf became Grumpy!

It’s blurry, but I do love seeing shots of the not-so-often photographed Yellow Monorail, especially with the cool bubble viewing area featured!

Back when it had holes in it for the Skyway, the Matterhorn served as the transitional bridge between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

This little girl is ready for her Teacup ride!

This little boy is determined to get every little kernel of popcorn out of that box...or else he’s looking for a hidden toy surprise (wrong snack, kid!)

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outsidetheberm said...

The kid with his head in the box looks, uh... sick?
He did just get off the tea cups, you know. Poor lad.

Mike said...

Can't get enough of the photos!

Love to see the Skyway! What I wouldn't give to have it brought back.

Chiana said...

Going kinda far out on this so I'm not sure if it'll make much sense to anyone. Something about the late '50s early '60s style just clicks. That pic of the kids on the bench. The blue and white straight stiped bench that seems to fit with the lines of the monorail track winding above complete with tire stripes (or was there something in these brownies hehe). The area's clean and bold without being too spare....

The girl has a mod enough 'do, very "plain." A young neighbor has the same hair. On the same note I had to do a double take at that bottom pic, both the boy on our left to the popcorn kid and the lady we can partly see on the right look just like peeps I know around here right down to the clothes and hair. Some of the fashion is so 50s but some is not too different from what's still used 47 years later. A lot of things seemed to change so fast back then but whether it's something that stayed or went so many of the impressions are surprisingly lasting. Including Disneyland itself. A great era.
(I'll stop babbling. Thanks Dave as always for the wonderful blog & pics)