Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Disneyland, October 1970

Exactly one year later from yesterday’s post, we have a photographer who must have stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. Fortunately, he snapped some of these photos for our enjoyment over 30 years later.

With the way temperatures have been lately, I wouldn't mind a day at this pool!

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Dland Hotel, does anybody know if there's a story behind the subterranean waterfall feature tucked between the buildings? My family always enjoys that part of the grounds but why are they there??

Biblioadonis aka George said...


After reading Don Ballard's book, it talks about that being part of an nighttime entertainment spectacle.

Dave--thanks for the shots. I was barely two months old when these were taken! ;)

Magical Hotel said...

If you look carefully at the fourth picture down, you can see the airplane which was parked on the Hotel grounds on display. They had to close Cerritos Street to land that plane then taxi it over to the Hotel.