Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Disneyland, October 1969

October 1969, and Downtown Disney/DCA is not even a glimmer in anyone’s mind. A vast asphalt paradise awaits Disneyand guests on the Disneyland Tram as they leave the comfort of their classic car for a day in the park. Once at the entrance, guests are greeted by the yellow Monorail as well as some fun attraction posters.

Inside the park, guests can lose their cares at the INA Carefree Corner on Main Street with Song of the South’s Brer Bear:

This shot shows the majestic Matterhorn with a glimpse of the "new" Tomorrowland...and what appears to be a dress of the future on that young blonde walking our way!

The Rocket Jets & PeopleMover are humming along, adding movement and fun to Tomorrowland...exactly in the location they belong.

HUUUGE shout out to all the comments from readers yesterday who helped identify the souvenir Jungle Cruise boat (especially Matterhorn!). I really appreciate the commentary on here, as it makes me feel that my efforts here are not lost. Many thanks! See more vintage & current Disneyland photos at my regular website.


james said...

Nice pictures Dave. I especially appreciate the ones from '69-'79, when I basically grew up at Disneyland. These really bring back the memories,Thank You!

Thufer said...

second gate, blah blah blah; i know all that. hay, i am a share holder as well; but, I SO MISS THAT PARKING LOT!

jedblau said...

Those pylon attraction posters are what started my obsession! Great to see a shot of them just as I remember.