Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Then & Now: Main Street

At the end of Main Street’s west side, Cole of California used to sell their swimwear...but obviously not much of it, as their occupancy on Main Street was shortlived. Today, this area is difficult to see and photograph due to the growth of nearby trees and the archway that was added many years later.

The upper part of this building is still recognizable, but the lower portion has been opened up and is now used as part of the Penny Arcade and seating for Coke Corner.

On the opposite side of Main Street, life began as the Plaza Apartments for this corner piece of prime real estate:

One of the most famous tenants of this building was the INA Carefree Corner; as you all know, Insurance always takes your cares away...as well as your hard-earned cash.

Today, Kodak inhabits this area selling their products as well as being the pickup spot for most Disney photos taken at the park.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Cole of California was closed when hairy guys started wearing their thong bathing suits around the park.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I never knew that building was a shop??? I’ve never heard of "Cole of California" either. I'm drooling over these before and after photos, always a favorite of mine, thanks Dave!

CoxPilot said...

Thanks for the great before & after pics. It's been many years since I've been in California, and even more since the last visit to Disneyland. I love seeing what happened to all the familiar areas.

Disney may change, but it's still Disney. Like a family member growing up, different but still the same loved core. Not like Knott's. OMG! I was just looking at google maps street view, and I couldn't believe what's happened there. It's just a Six Flags in Buena Park.

Keep up the series, Dave. It's a great one.

La Vida Creations said...

Hey Dave,
Cool stuff! Now they might sell more of Cole of CA suits with all the wet rides in both parks!
Love the before and afters. Also the Viewliner sketch below is really awesome too!

outsidetheberm said...

That's the nicest shot of the Cole of California shop I've ever seen. Great.

pixiegirltink said...

I love then & now pics. Fun to see the how the trees have grown. :)