Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Devlin Collection: Magic Kingdom Club Pt. 2

Today’s Devlin post will finish out the 1960’s. First up is from June 5, 1966, with the recently opened small world attraction featured in the background. Tom’s Guest Pass and souvenir photo holder logo from that day are shown here:

The June 4, 1967 photo is at the yet-to-be-opened Haunted Mansion:

June 2, 1968 boasts a wonderful “new” Tomorrowland in the background:

The souvenir photo holder from that day:

June 1, 1969 brings us back to in front of the Castle:

Tom’s Guest Pass has been saved through all these years:

Last one for today shows the art for the 1969 souvenir photo holder:

MANY thanks again to the Devlins for allowing these photos to be posted. See more vintage & current Disneyland photos at my regular website. “Nightmare Before Christmas” fans—this Tim Burton classic is now available on Blu-ray, and also features a way cool tour of the Haunted Mansion (NBC version). Available at


Major Pepperidge said...

The Haunted Mansion photo is interesting because they are inside the normally-locked gates, standing on the lawn - - and the Mansion wouldn't open until August 9. I wonder if they were able to do this as Magic Kingdom Club members? It seems doubtful that the average guest could just walk in and have the photo taken.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Great series of pictures Dave. Do you know these folks? Looks like a cool family.

Davelandweb said...

I have met Tom, the one who has loaned these images to me to scan. Very nice guy; and his family has enjoyed seeing these posts, as they have not seen these photos in years. Major - Yes, most likely the Magic Kingdom Club was allowed access for the photos taken at the Mansion; a convenient spot as no other guests would be walking in front of the camera (or pushing a stroller!).

pixiegirltink said...

Did I see Chip and Ernie Douglas in that group?