Thursday, July 13, 2006

Live Jazz Aboard the Mark Twain

This Jazz Combo aboard the Mark Twain is “The Young Men from New Orleans.” Having live music aboard the Riverboat is a nice touch, and sure would add a lot to the park experience today. The vintage of this transparency is probably the late 60’s or early 70’s.
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Amazon Belle said...

Another great photo! The sign (and gag) reads "The Young Men of New Orleans.” I couldn’t agree with you more about live music aboard the Mark Twain. It must have been great to be the “House Band” aboard the Mark Twain.

The Coke Corner piano players (Johnny & Rod) would come over during the day in summer (80’s – early 90’s). The “Twain” had the ability to switch to a microphone attached to the piano and it was heard through every speaker aboard the boat. They would “narrate” the river through song; playing southern themes as we passed New Orleans, western themes along Fort Wilderness, Native American themes (including 10 little Indians at the “War Party”) through Indian territory and good ol’ American jazz as we returned to the dock.

The piano was all white when I was working there and looking at the picture that might just be banner placed over it. Not sure… just a thought.

Daveland said...

Thanks a million for the helpful background info. As Walt used to say, you should always "plus the show."

Major Pepperidge said...

Amazon Belle knows a lot o' stuff!! ;-) Thanks for the details, it's really interesting. And thanks for the photo Dave

Mr. Mouse Monthly said...

It'd be great if they brought live musicians back to the Mark Twain, even if for limited magic events. They could have the Royal Street Bachelors play on the weekends during the NOS Bayou Bash.