Friday, July 14, 2006

Bertha Mae on the Rivers of America, 1956

From August, 1956 comes this slide of the Bertha Mae Keel Boat on the Rivers of America. One day, the Keel Boats will hopefully return. The rafts are nice enough, but they just don’t have the same charm. I have also included a slide from December, 1955, with the E.P. Ripley and a banner advertising the Mike Fink Keel Boats.

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Matterhorn1959 said...

The slide with the train and advertising banner is great. I have not seen an image of that banner. Very, very nice. Thanks.

Major Pepperidge said...

Both great pics, but that train photo with the sign is really nice!

Chris Merritt said...

Wow - I've never ever seen that banner. You guys continue to astound me!

Amazon Belle said...

I have never seen the big service road next to the Disneyland RR in a photo before... oh, nor have I seen the banner either. I just noticed the keep out sign painted on the fence… now that’s courtesy.

WOW is right Tangaroa... these three guys (matterhorn 1959, major pepperidge & Davelandblog) continue to amaze me also!

Thanks for compliments too.

Daveland said...

Thanks for all the great feedback; sure encourages me to keep the photos coming! And don't forget - I happily take requests if there are certain areas you'd like to see (as long as I have 'em, of course!). I still think we should all band together and do a book.