Monday, November 02, 2020

Monday in Fantasyland

After a few days of my site being down due to the incompetence of my webhost (and ever-changing google rules), we can finally journey back to March 1958 at Disneyland. While our vintage photographer probably won’t win any awards for composition, I’m darn glad he/she snapped this one! Besides the Skyway pylon, you can see the ticket booth (remember tickets?) and the Mickey Mouse Club Theater (now Pinocchio’s Daring Adventure).

A closer (and lightened) view inside of the entryway:

This one from July 10, 1957 pulls back (and up), giving us a broader view of Fantasyland. So far back that you can see the TWA Moonliner in Tomorrowland.

Want to buy a hat?

Last one for today is from August 1958, with Dumbo on the right and Skyway soaring overhead:

Thanks for your patience while my site was down!

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Anonymous said...

After hours, the theater (at least in the 70s) was used for CM purposes. We even had our own group of Thespians who would put on plays. And I remember once attending a meeting with management discussing the latest wage offer to the union (that being us in Operations-Teamsters) with Card Walker and Donn Tatum in attendance. So much for the magic on that one. But those still were better days than now. KS

Darryl said...

when every day is "Dapper Day"

JG said...

I like the picture with the Skyway pylon, it's the sort of unplanned inclusion that helps you feel like you are there.

Thanks for this post Dave, very interesting.


Daveland said...

KS - Still wondering how the park will ever open again. The financial loss and loss of employment for cast members is devastating. The way the Governor has turned a deaf ear to any kind of reopening is so sad.

Darryl - Dapper? What's that?

JG: Walt really wanted to cover up the pylons (thus the Matterhorn), but now they are a piece of retro magic!