Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Jayne in Fantasyland

This May 1957 image shows voluptuous blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield signing autographs in Fantasyland. The details in this image are priceless, like the look of wonderment on these two children as they stare at different parts of the movie star. I won’t say anything else for fear of venturing into ick.

Wish I could get more detail on what she is signing; am assuming it’s a ticket or brochure from the Park.

I noticed this poor schlub waiting in the wings with his broken finger, holding his daughter’s clear purse while she snags daddy an autograph!

Here’s a previously posted shot of Jayne from the same trip riding Dumbo with daughter Jayne Marie:

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Anonymous said...

I remember hearing the news of her tragic death back in 1967. It resulted in the placement of 'Mansfield Bars' located below commercial trailers today. Happy Thanksgiving Dave. KS

Fifthrider said...

Dark, but educational. From now on I will only know them as "Mansfield bars."

Daveland said...

...and having seen the car she died in up close, it is extra dark!