Thursday, May 04, 2017

Vintage Vegas

Take a step back in time with these two vintage images from Las Vegas. From October 1966 we see the strip with Caesars Palace on the right. Victor Borge is headlining, supported by Frances Faye and The Kirby Stone Four (also featured on The Judy Garland Show).

This 1957 image shows the Silver Slipper Gambling Hall.

Had to zoom in on this sign for the Last Frontier Village:

See the slipper?

You still can today, located in front of the Neon Museum:

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Anonymous said...

Back then we thought Vegas was a pretty fancy place. My the change! I'm sitting in the LV airport terminal as I type this! KS

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great. I remember that Flamingo sign vividly, at night the pink neon bubbles streamed up the column.

I think the Flamingo hotel in Santa Rosa was a knock-off. The vintage tower sign was almost taken down, but just in time, everyone realized how much they loved it.

And my memory of the Silver Slipper looked just like that photo. Too bad there's no vintage night shot of the slipper sign, it was spectacular too. Good to see it survive in the museum.

Thanks for this Dave. Good memories.


Daveland said...

JG - That tower sign is way cool! And if you find a night time vintage shot of the Silver Slipper I'll gladly post it!

Anonymous said...

Dave, I will look around for the slipper. I might have some old postcards.

It's funny, the Flamingo was under fire by Santa Rosa city for the old sign, the architectural and sign review board wanted it removed because it was "garish" old neon.

Then the historic preservation people got involved and argued that it should be saved as a landmark.

Then the city reversed their complaint and requested that the owners repair it so it would revolve as it did when new. Either for repair or demolition, the owners got stuck with the bill.

So now, we have a revolving flamingo again, in garish pink neon. I love it.