Monday, May 08, 2017

The Al Capone Suite

I'd known about Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa for years, but until recently, had never stayed there. It was definitely time to check this one off my bucket list. Naturally, I had to stay in the Al Capone Suite, which is supposedly where the gangster stayed when he visited the area.

When discussing Capone and Two Bunch Palms, there's a lot of "allegedly" and "supposedly" and "rumor has it." The 75-year-plus resort might have been owned by Capone who most likely used it as a hideout. Quite possibly Capone outfitted the suite with a sentry tower for armed bodyguards as well as the underground escape tunnels. Capone's bungalow features what are said to be bullet holes. Is it true? Who knows and who cares...I'll never turn away a good story.

Welcome! Here's a wide-angle shot of the living/dining room that awaits you when you enter Room 14.

The Master Bedroom:

I was pleased that the suite was generously furnished with period appropriate antiques:

Wow, a second bedroom!

Can you hear my heart flutter? It must be the vintage tile that still exists in both bathrooms.

As usual, the charm is in the details, like the AC initials in the dining room table. Could that stand for air conditioning? Huh...I think I sense an "allegedly" here...

Like this "bullet hole" in the dresser mirror in the Master Bedroom:

A closeup of the ornamentation on a chair:

The vintage ice box:

There are also rumors that the suite is haunted; other than a little static electricity, I didn't notice anything unusual. However, the light from the stained glass sure cast an eerie glow here:

I highly recommend visiting this oasis located in Desert Hot Springs, just minute away from the downtown area of Palm Springs. It's a great place to get away and relax.

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