Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sowden House Shoot, Pt. 2

Wanting to get the most out of my visit inside the Sowden House, I decided to shoot a few models rather than just have a set of stark interior shots. Wearing clothes from Ron Tomson, I worked with Daniel Sobieray (you might recall him from my Ghostbusters shoot) and Kamy Bruder. Both of them fit right into their surroundings and did a fantastic job.

My good friend Marlene was also long, working hard as my assistant and capturing (unbeknownst to me for the most part) some behind the scenes shots on her cell phone. Most people probably don't realize how physical you need to get during a photo shoot: standing on top of furniture, climbing ladders, straddling a bathtub (true)...all in the name of getting a good shot. It was fun matching up the result with the ones that Marlene took.

Posing by a giganormous fish tank and looking suave. What most people do in their home.

Can't wear shoes when climbing furniture. At least not in this place.

Daniel is mentally figuring out how many gigs he needs to get to pay for this pile of Mayan block.

He even makes an entrance into the bathroom.

Kamy modeling his Ron Tomson suit:

Is that scotch in his glass or whiskey? Only Kamy and I know what it really was.

Kamy suggested this Godfather-like pose in the dining room:

A few more of my favorites from the shoot:

Because of the lighting, I was not happy with this shot. However, desaturating all the color gave me an awesome black and white.

Marlene laughs while I squat to get just the right angle of the courtyard. Glad I could entertain.

Towards the end of the shoot I was pretty tired. Judging by this photo I was also a little cranky.

As long as the final shot is what I am looking for, all is good.

Daniel takes a selfie while Kamy is behind the lens.

No surprise that I would want a few shots of myself to prove that I was here, too. Matt of Tours Departing Daily shot this one.

Marlene and I look right at home.

A solo shot for Marlene:

A group shot at the end of the shoot. Me, Kamy, Amanda Kruger, Michaela & Matt of Tours Departing Daily, and Marlene. That four hours flew by quickly.

And how Marlene and I celebrated when we got back to the Chateau Marmont:

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Chuck said...

Fun to see the "behind the scenes" of a professional shoot. Most people don't appreciate the amount of contortion and willingness to get down in the dirt or out on a ledge it takes to translate the photographer's creative intent into high-quality, interesting images.

Was that first "fitting room" shot taken on-site or another location?

Dave DeCaro said...

Hi Chuck - The fitting was done at Ron Tomson's downtown LA store. They were excellent to work with!

Chuck said...

Thanks, Dave.

Forgot to mention - nice one of you in the suit, too!

Anonymous said...

Dave, looking sharp. What a cool site for a photo shoot.

I underwent makeup and clothes for head shots for my company's promotional materials recently. The shooting lasted all day in downtown Sacramento, nothing as cool as this. This was some of the hardest work I have done, we were all beat at the end of the day. I can't imagine how the photo team felt, constantly up and down ladders, shifting boxes and reflectors, etc.