Thursday, August 11, 2016

Changes on Sunset

A new photo in my vintage collection has allowed me to give a wider range of the changes that have occurred over the years by the Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard. First image is from the early 1950s and shows The Players Club. By 1979, it was replaced by the Imperial Gardens Japanese Restaurant.

Any of you seen the George C. Scott film "Hardcore"? It's one of those that's so bad it's good. Well...maybe not good. Good is a very strong word for a movie that bad.

The other billboard on Sunset shows the new album by Ted Nugent, Weekend Warriors, which was released September 1978.

This shot that I took personally back in January 2011 shows yet another location change, this time Miyagi's, which was a popular restaurant/nightclub. Unfortunately, my collection is still missing a shot of when this location was the infamous Roxbury.

And a recent shot of how the Pink Taco has overtaken this small piece of Sunset Strip real estate. The food here is so bad it's...

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Anonymous said...

The glaring change to me is the signage that has cluttered (polluted)the area. KS

beachgal said...

I remember it as The Players before it closed in the early 50s. And of course I remember it as Imperial Gardens. Never was in Roxbury - that was not my 'clubbing' vintage! I waaay predate Roxbury.