Monday, August 15, 2016

Austin: Not So Weird

I really don't pay too much attention to slogans. Typically, they are made up by marketers who stretch the limit of the truth to come up with something catchy and memorable. "Keep Austin Weird" is such a slogan. On my third trip to Austin, I can say that it is probably one of the least weird cities I have ever encountered. Perhaps I missed the era of weird. Sure, there are a few kitschy/odd/memorable things to see, but nothing that would brand this city in the Lone Star State as "weird."

A Jefferson Davis statue in front of the capitol with no protestors. Only in Texas.

A Willie Nelson mural:

No idea about the story behind this mural off of Sixth Street, but I sure do like it.

Now here's one I had to reflect on. A bench that is a "tribute" to the homeless. However, in putting this statue on the bench, the city has effectively removed one more spot for the homeless to rest on. Keep Austin Ironic? Hmmmm...that could work.

Here's a shot of Sixth Street, just around the corner from the Driskill Hotel. I would liken this lively area to New Orlean's Bourbon Street, only a little less crowded. And a lot less interesting.

Here you can find The Bat Bar:

I got a little carried away with the animated gifs:

Have always admired the Frost Bank Tower, which seems like a modern version of the Chrysler Building in New York City:

Cool looking at night as well:

The Russian House. Very interesting on the outside; can't speak for what goes on inside.

And lest we forget...

The green light behind this clock had me entranced.

Art Deco can be found in Austin; love this Scarbrough Building:

A gorgeous detail shot:

More facade details in the downtown area:

I'll leave you with this one. This busty gal sure has a lot of gusto as she sets the canon off. Apparently it's a tribute to Angelina Eberly, an innkeeper and hero in the Texas Archive War. I don't know much about Angelina, but she looks like she could have been part of the "weird" campaign.

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Dennis Fandrick said...

We don't call it the "Owl Tower" for nothing

MRaymond said...

There are bumper stickers in Austin that say "Keep Austin Weired". Living in San Antonio, I see pumper stickers that say "Send the Weirdos to Austin."

MRaymond said...

The story of Angelina Eberly is an interesting read. I had heard of the Archive War but not her role in it.