Friday, August 26, 2016

Behind The Scenes on The Blue Bird

This publicity shot from October 1939 shows filming of "The Blue Bird" with Shirley Temple. Here's the accompanying text from the back of the photo:

ROYAL SLIDE - For Shirley Temple and Johnny Russell (behind are light, center) one of the high spots of "The Blue Bird", now under production in Technicolor at 20th Century-Fox, came when they got to slide down the impressive balustrades of a baroque palace. Behind Gale Sondergaard (at foot of balustrade) is one of the big satin pillows into which Shirley and Johnny plumped. Even Laura Hope Crews (left of camera) as well as Nigel Bruce (not shown) got the rare privilege of sliding down the banister. The scene is from "The Palace of Luxury", which occupied an entire sound stage at the Westwood studio.

In this still, you can see the aforementioned bannister. However, I am guessing that stunt doubles were used for most (if not all) the actors!

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Patrick Devlin said...

Cool shots, Dave. It's of interest to note the Technicolor camera at right center. It's using the three-strip process and probably weighs 300 pound including its "blimp" which is the big-ass sound-proof box you see perched on the dolly. It's just a little too big for those hand-held shots, eh?

Dave DeCaro said...

I can only imagine how hot it must have been on those stages with the lights needed for the Technicolor cameras!