Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Today we celebrate the Mark Twain with a random assortment of vintage shots of the venerable riverboat at Disneyland. First up are a few from April 1960. Zooming in we can see a raft at Tom Sawyer Island as well as some guests paddling away their churros on a canoe. I wonder how many of those hats ended up in the river?

A lovely shot of the Twain, also from April 1960.

Know anybody?

A July 1967 shot:

Although it was a few years away from being opened, the Haunted Mansion was completely built by this time:

This closeup shows a nearby ticket booth. For the rafts to Tom Sawyer Island, perhaps?

Another gem from July 1967:

Here we see the ticket booth for Nature's Wonderland as well as the festive umbrellas for Casa de Fritos:

In November 1968 the Disneyland Marching Band was at the Mark Twain dock:

The leader does not appear to be Vesey Walker, though:

Actor and game show host John Davidson visited the park while he was filming "The Happiest Millionaire" (1967):

Last one has been posted before, but you know how much I love those FauxD© shots; this one from July 17, 1968 shows the Young Men from New Orleans playing their hearts out aboard the Mark Twain:

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Chuck said...

Dave, that booth probably focused on time share sales for ghosts who weren't ready to permanently retire.

Any idea when the canoe load area was changed from "pull in/back out" to the more efficient "through traffic" layout of today? My guess is probably during Bear Country construction in '71-'72, but I can't find any photos to confirm. The story from "Cast Member Ken" on your canoes photo page suggests that through traffic loading had been installed by '74.

MRaymond said...

You know that whenever there is a vintage picture I look for my vintage self. Didn't find me this time either.