Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mickey at the Opera

To make up for my snafu in a previous post, here are some actual vintage shots of Mickey Mouse in front of the Opera House back when it was the headquarters for the Mickey Mouse Club. This one is circa September 1963.

Anybody care to have this sign in their home?

This slide was stamped February 1964, but since the Babes in Toyland wooden soldier is still in front, I am sure the photo was taken much earlier. Note how the opening time has 9:30 instead of 9am in the previous image.

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K. Martinez said...

Snafu? I don't remember. Wonderful pics today! I love the Mickey Mouse Club sign and Babes in Toyland piece. It's pure vintage Disney! At least the Disney of my childhood. Thanks, Dave!

Matthew said...

I don't remember your snafu either... however, I always enjoy shabu shabu. Wonderful photos today indeed. I love the third photo with the kids all dressed up (nice red sweater & jeans) and what appears to be a very "right size" Mickey Mouse. He's as tall as the girl. I also like the woman in the background doing some window shopping at the Wonderland Music shop.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

PS that would be a cool sign to have.

Daveland said...

Hey Matt & Ken - I was referring to incorrectly identifying the stage for the Ward Singers as the Opera House stage and not the Fantasyland one.

Matt - sure do miss seeing you. Hope life is treating you well!