Friday, November 20, 2015

Beyond the Sea

It had been over three years since I had last been on the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. The only reason we went on it this visit was because thanks to our VIP Tour Guide Maria, we were able to walk onto it. Even then, I had my doubts about wasting time on this mess of an attraction. Anastasia seemed to enjoy the view from her porthole window.

There are fun details to notice in the first part of the journey...

but once the subs "submerge" the attraction becomes a cacophonous mess of noise, poor projections, and sheer boredom.

Matt looked happy at the end of the attraction. So was I.

Next up…Star Tours!

Plenty of fun in the queue, which Maria whisked us through.

Door #1!

Matt looks like he's ready for a Devo video. If you don't know who Devo is, please visit Youtube.

Janet had not taken a dramamine booster, so this was not a pleasant experience for her. This was the last time she smiled until the virtual journey was over.

Outside, Stormtroopers were attempting to take over Star Traders.

Mary Poppins and Bert seemed oblivious to the attack as they strolled by the Plaza Inn.

We encountered Jack Skellington on our way to Pirates of the Caribbean.

And here we are, entering the attraction through the back of Lafitte's Landing. Wait until you hear what happened next!

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Anonymous said...

Unusually excellent pictures from this trip, Dave.

Thanks for sharing these. I'm getting geared up for our trip next month.


K. Martinez said...

I appreciate that the subs are traversing the lagoon again, but the revised Submarine Voyage does nothing for me. I went on it once and have no desire to go on it again. Same with the Treehouse. How I miss the days of the military gray submarines and the Swiss Family Robinson.

"If you don't know who Devo is". Ha! They'd fit right in Tomorrowland.

I'm really looking forward to the next installment of your VIP Tour. Team building at its finest! Thanks, Dave.

Fifthrider said...

I once visited Mutato Musika in L.A. wearing my red powerdome. The employees at the restaurant next door had no idea why the building was lime green or who DEVO were, but they knew who Pew-Die-Pie was. I was genuinely angry.

Sorry about the sub ride and the treehouse changing. Lately it feels like classic rides have to battle just to stay alive, changing licenses to remain relevant. The way Tony Baxter tells it, it sounded like it was the final fight of his career to lobby for their continued existence. Someday our contemporary pictures will be on someone else's Disney nostalgia website.

....assuming the Einstein isn't right about World War 4 being fought with sticks and rocks and we even have a civilization anymore.