Monday, November 02, 2015

Dreams For Sale, Pt. 1

Turner Classic Movies (aka TCM) has partnered with Bonhams Auction house for yet another nostalgic yard sale. These Hollywood memories come at a steep price; for us normal poor slobs, we will have to satisfy ourselves with the online glimpses provided by the Bonhams website. If you have a few extra thousand or more to burn, this November 23 extravaganza may just have something for you. There are a number of original "Snow White" cels, including this group shot of five of the seven Dwarfs. Estimated to fetch $3,500-4,500.

For the more budget minded, this celluloid of Dopey might sell for $1,000-1,500.

An even better value is a group of ten drawings, colored pencil on paper, which features Snow, all the Dwarfs, and even the Old Crone. Estimate is the same as just one Dopey cel. Sounds like a bargain to me!

Alice fans can purchase original cels as well:

Although I don't think it's her best work, this 1940s Mary Blair watercolor is still a beauty:

There is plenty more Disney stuff up for auction, but for me, the true gems are these rare World War 1 photos of Walt Disney himself:

Estimates for these range from $10,000-60,000…each!

Items like this are rare indeed, and they don't become available to purchase very often. Stay tuned for more featured items from this incredible collection.

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Anonymous said...

I remember years ago where one could purchase cells at D/L for a fraction of what these are going for. Why didn't I use my employee discount and buy a few back then? Nobody...even Disney... knew at the time how much they'd appreciate. KS

Disneyland Camping said...

All cels are great but I am fan of Alice and want to purchase original cels :)

Anonymous said...

My daughter bought an Alice cel (the White Rabbit dressed as a royal page) at Disneyland, investing her own money. I guess I raised her right.

These are very cool things, Dave. Seems like they ought to be in a museum, especially the sled. Oh well.