Thursday, October 29, 2015

Luck Be A Lady

How about a spin through vintage Las Vegas, beginning with a June 1961 shot of the Sands Casino & Hotel? Husband and wife duo Gordon and Sheila MacRae are the headliners. You might remember him from "Oklahoma" and "Carousel."

Over at the Stardust in August 1969, I have no idea who these people are, other than possibly Esquivel, my favorite Latino Space-Age musician.

I had to zoom in for a closeup of the Stardust sign, which does just fine on its own!

Two of Caesars Palace, beginning with October 1968…

and March 1971.

The last one shows Stardust circa May 1987…and Esquivel is still there!

Zooming in for a shot of Denny's and the Phillips 66 Gas Station:

How about ending the post with a song from the Chairman of the Board?

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K. Martinez said...

Love vintage Las Vegas! Unfortunately I never got to see it.

Yes, I remember Mr. MacRae.

The Kim sisters were a South Korean American female trio who entertained in Las Vegas.

Nalani Kele was a Polynesian dancer who married comedian Shecky Greene back in the early 1970's. Both were Las Vegas nightclub entertainers and married there.

And of course there's Esquivel from WDW's Space Mountain.

The rest I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I have several Esquivel albums, stands to reason he would be popular in Vegas. The rest are unfamiliar.

I remember old Vegas vividly, if not accurately. Especially old Fremont street, where the sizzling sound of the neon was almost as impressive as the light. Mixed with the oppressive heat, even at night, it was quite an experience for a small boy.

Very cool indeed, Dave. Thank you.


Terrance T said...

I find it tragic nowadays that vintage Las Vegas is disappearing, especially with the closing of the Riviera Hotel this past May. I was there in 2001 around the time where the Stardust was near its end. Fortunately, I took a few photos of that and the Riviera. I can only assume Downtown still has its vintage look since the Strip is no longer keeping its glory.

I sure wished I could have visited around the time when the wrestling show, G.L.O.W-The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was filming live at the Riviera Hotel in the mid-80s.

Great post,