Friday, October 09, 2015

Daveland Behind The Scenes

I had worked with Keith Kirkwood, 2013 #6 Maxim Magazine Sexiest Man In The World, MMA Champion, and Movie/TV Producer a few months ago; when he needed a few shots to submit to a magazine he reached out to me. It just so happened I was going to be meeting some friends up in Hollywood so the stars aligned perfectly and I was able to squeeze a shoot in.

My friend Helen from St. Louis had flown in, and she had no problem hanging out on the sidelines while I was working, especially since Keith is so easy on the eyes. However, she couldn't just sit still. She decided to document what was going on.

A closeup shot can hide a lot…

why bother with shoes?

Behind the shoot…

and the result:

While Keith changed outfits, Helen took a selfie:

Back to work:

The sunset over Sunset Boulevard made for a beautiful backdrop:

Helen even found herself playing a guest role in the shoot:

It shouldn't be long before she gets discovered.

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Anonymous said...

Dave...I particularly like that 'barefoot-in-the-suit' shot.

K. Martinez said...

I like image 7 of 11. The shadowing brings out his facial features. Nice profile.